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Felted bags, belts, bowls, hats and totes, knitted and crocheted hats, evening bags, scarves, and much, much more!
Most viewed
pom pom hat2798 views
Siouxie-B2284 viewsPeriwinkle plus multi colored stripes wool felted bag . A request for spring colors Classic and chic.
Ribbon Scarf 001.JPG
Ribbon Scarf1909 views100% nylon, ribbon yarn made in Italy. Aprox 60 inches by 10inches, including fringe. Fringe is on three sides.
1362 viewsNice family
Sandy Hook Girls1212 viewsKelly green and white hats.
Newtown Strong1194 viewsThis hat is a commemoration to the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Siouxie1170 viewsGrey wool felted bag with black accent. Classic and chic.
Scarlette1161 viewsThis bag is the best all around average size. This new style wider strap and large flap. This bag is has featurers that everyone has been asking for.
Whitney1160 viewsHobo style bag with decrotive raised studs. Denim blue color will go with everything. Size is perfect to hold everything.
Micki1149 viewsCrimson and gray my hish School colors.
Ivy1128 viewsOur most popular style in a new size. This is made with our very best Lamb's Pride wool yarn.
Amy1106 viewsAmy's Hat
1103 viewsMy latest fan
L B Tote.JPG
Alexis1101 viewsThis tote is veragated in color and will go with anything. The perfect size.
Hats Galore 1092 views
Hat Black and white flower.JPG
Black and white hat1091 viewsStriking hat
Nanci1084 viewsGreat size tote, even holds you're "I Pad".
Maggie 1071 viewsJust the right size. Tri-color felted wool bag with pin and bone handle.
Alisons Hat1069 views
2  in 1 Black.JPG
Ava 1068 viewsThis black purse lies flat and has interior sections. Classic and chic.
Envie Bag.JPG
Cassie1067 viewsThis brown and beige tweed shoulder bag is sleek and flat. Perfect for shopping.
Zoe1065 viewsThis felted purse is medium sized to be convenient yet hold your important items.
Pat's Bag.JPG
Pat1063 viewsThis Lopi wool shoulder bag is just the right size, and the purple button adds a touch of flair.
Vintage bubble.JPG
Emma1060 viewsThese red or purple vintage bubble purses are simple and will go with just about any outfit on any occasion.
Siouxie1056 viewsOlive green wool felted bag with dark brown accent. Classic and chic.
Sophie1054 viewsSmall bag with beaded handle, sure to accent any outfit.
Purple w flower.JPG
Elizabeth1049 viewsThis purple purse with a pink knitted rose has the right touch of flair in a classy bag.
Grand Tote Bag.JPG
Heidi1047 viewsThis red Grand Tote is felted wool of excellent quality. End pockets for cell phone, and quick retrevial items make this a handy purse when on the go. This striking color brings excitement and life to your active lifestyle.
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